Solving business challenges through communication

Let’s take a fresh look at new tasks ahead: Many businesses are evolving their sustainable business models and trying to revitalize company culture to meet the demands of the new, hybrid world of work and remain an attractive employer for young talent.

Are these or other challenges an issue for you? We have developed Communications Room to enhance your competencies and solve any business challenge in conversations – moderated by two communication professionals who know the business from the inside.

Facilitation of solution finding

You want to create impact in a complex business environment? You want to get quick help and solutions for acute business problems?

We promise that we can coach and facilitate you and your team through any real business challenge in less than two work days – virtually or on site in your office.

Coaching for leaders striving to drive transformation

You need to address challenging issues? You want to do a deep-dive with yourself on how to start change?

We provide individual sparring and coaching, bringing in broad expertise and experience in leading people, managing issues and using communications as a tool to reach your targets. Our skills like an education as psychological advisor ensure that you will succeed in creating trust and transparency.

Training to enhance business communication skills

You want to get a good start or an effective refresher in state-of-the-art business communications?

We offer standard and customized trainings for managers and communicators to get closer than ever in understanding the value of communications for business success. To bring both perspectives together we have developed a new learning experience, based on decades of experience in enabling critical transformations.

Looking forward to meeting you

Dr. Mark

M.Derbacher Strategic Communications

* Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity

** A research project of Hübner Communications together with Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München shows that business leaders have an optimistic view that communication may trigger the mindset shift necessary to overcome tensions and dilemmas in today’s economy.