#2: Mastering time constraints and acceleration

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Last week, in my interviews with decision-makers, I noticed that two topics are particularly present: The constant lack of time and the increasing speed in our working world. These challenges affect everyone - from small companies to the public sector in Liechtenstein. How can we break out of this hamster wheel of acceleration and open ourselves up to new, creative solutions?

Time pressure and acceleration: Breaking the vicious circle
In the interviews, many people reported how much they suffer from constant time pressure, growing drive and the resulting "tunnel vision": The hectic pace leaves little room for strategic thinking or innovative approaches.

My tip - appreciative exploration: The Appreciative Inquiry method helps us to recognize the positive aspects of our current situation and build on them. In this way, we can free ourselves from acceleration and discover new, creative paths. Would you like to try it out? Here I have provided a quick guide.

Finding meaning in day-to-day business
In the hectic pace of everyday life, many people lose sight of the "why" of their work. This leads to dissatisfaction and an increase in mental problems. A conscious approach to your own purpose can help you break out of this pattern.

    My tip - Individual purpose: Discover your personal "why". This not only provides orientation, but also strengthens your resilience and autonomy. Simon Sinek's "Golden Circle" approach can serve as inspiration. Here there are instructions that you can carry out yourself immediately.

    Please give me a brief answer and share your experiences and thoughts: What methods do you use successfully to escape the time pressure and make meaningfulness a priority again?

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