How to establish constellations in the executive suite

Systemic constellations are a special format for creating resonance rooms in which co-creative solutions emerge.

The more complex business life gets, the more often the question arises how we can visualize the invisible. Constellations are a viable way for getting systems to talk and putting business leaders in the position of listeners who want to discover new things and listen empathically.

Unfortunately, many managers still think of constellations in terms of family therapy rather than boardrooms.

Quantum physics is a proven way to solve real-world business problems.

Dare to try it out, particularly in virtual formats, like recently some of my clients did:

  • Pharma managers aiming for growing together as a team,
  • software developers looking for a joint identity,
  • or a consulting firm that wanted to reposition itself.

All of them confirmed: Constellations can help to radically simplify solution finding and clarify complex issues through the metaphors that emerge.

Here’s how to do it, step by step (download our free whiteboard):

Step 1: Develop a clear question

This provides focus for the entire process.

Personally, I find “How Might We” (HMW) questions particularly helpful for framing business constellations. This type of question is about planting a seed from which the future can grow organically. An example question could be: “How might we make the Purpose of XY organization relevant for the daily work?”

Step 2: Properly describe the evolution

While many managers immediately have a desired end state in mind, it’s important to go through a transformation journey.

Such a journey happens in several iterations: acknowledging the present situation; sensing and visualizing future potential; ideating prototype.

Step 3: Conclude with a reflection

Plan some time in for sense-making afterwards. This will help you to come to joint and fast decisions.

All three steps add up to very tangible explanations for usually invisible parts of your organization, with a new, clear picture of the future coming up

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