B Corp: The road to certification

Sustainability is becoming a competitive factor in the business world: Depending on whether and how SMEs implement sustainability in their core business, more and more consumers, employees, investors and financiers decide for or against a company: Since 2006, the internationally recognized “B Corp” label has certified a company’s sustainability strategy as well as its contribution to society.

“B Corp” stands for “Benefit Corporates,” i.e., companies that want to make a positive difference – not just for their shareholders, but for society as a whole. All “B Corps” see in entrepreneurship a force and the potential to solve social and ecological problems. And to formulate as their shared vision a competition that is less about being the best company in the world, and more about being the best company for the world.

Launched in the US in 2006, the global “B Corp” network now encompasses more than 5,000 for-profit companies across many industries that have passed the rigorous sustainability assessment conducted by the non-profit organization “B Lab”. 25’000 (!) more companies have applied for the certificate, including numerous companies in Switzerland and the first in Liechtenstein.

Are you interested in becoming part of the “B Corp” movement? In order to facilitate the certification process for companies, I have qualified as a “B Leader”. Thus, I can support you in conducting the “Business Impact Assessment” required for certification before the actual application, in developing effective action plans and thus significantly increasing the chances of success. Included in the service package is a workshop on how to innovate sustainable business models in your market segment, as well as a simple management tool that you can use to measure your sustainability strategy – all at a fixed price.