Meaning comes through dialogue and exchange. We need better conversations that unlock clarity and purpose, that turn competition into dialog, and that reveal ways to solve issues together.

In the POWERED BY PURPOSE Community we want to cultivate this new way of communicating. Be invited to join our LinkedIn group for like-minded people who don’t have to be the alike. Join today and briefly introduce yourself to the other participants.

Do you agree that everyone has a right for meaningful work?

For those who want to look at the world consciously, who want to escape the hamster wheel and create flow actively, who want to solve real-world business problems with lightness…this is your book. Free up your mind and act purposefully!


The path to a functioning organization leads through learning new skills and competencies. Along the integral model of Ken Wilber and Otto Scharmer’s Theory U, we have developed a wide range of methods in workshop and coaching formats that can be used in a practical way. We would be happy to give you a personal insight into our toolbox.