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Communication shapes organizations. Communication facilitates sensemaking. This gives orientation in a complex world. Communication turns executives, employees and customers from spectators to stakeholders.

It is about creating, designing and holding meaningful spaces and processes for collaboration. We provide the appropriate platforms and professional moderation. The following toolbox gives you an insight into the questions we have recently solved with customers from different industries.

Communications Room

We analyzed sensemaking processes of managers during the lockdown and found that a new consciousness for dialogue is emerging in many: now more than ever, communication that connects and creates spaces that inspire is crucial. This is where the narrative for the business of the future can emerge. Interested? Find out about our new training and coaching offer.


Purpose emerges from the inside, is known throughout the organization and serves as an evolutionary center around which everything is constantly evolving. A kind of purpose that makes it easy to decide what to do and what to let go. This gives a common direction to the development of the entire organization. The pandemic also shows that for many managers the need to clarify the individual purpose is increasing: How do I shape my future role as a manager? Important: You don't give yourself a purpose, you listen to it - for example with business constellations, Ikigai or generative interview techniques.

Thought Leadership

Times on the management floors have become tougher and many feel under pressure. How can you create the necessary autonomy to regain room for decisions and leadership? My hypothesis: The opportunity lies in digital communication, in which you make your position transparent, take advantage of ongoing feedback and also participate in critical discussions.

Case clinic based on peer coaching

We invite you: ▶️ Present your case or questions that is most important for you. ▶️ You are rewarded with an astonishing clarity created by images and metaphors in peer exchange. ▶️ The PAUL team plus strong partners from our network ensure a professional moderation and a pleasant dialog atmosphere.

Business Models

Business models are the key innovation factor in companies and describe the way companies create and retain value. If the business model ensures resilience, flow is given. What is the best way to achieve this? In a complex environment, it is important that business models are kept lively. Old school strategic planning has had its day. Today, business models are developed in future rooms, co-created together with customers and implemented with dynamic management techniques such as Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) that create a clear focus.

Crisis communication

In crisis situations, please do not fall into crisis mode! Because in difficult, surprising situations, three things are especially important: Speed, transparency and clarity. The pandemic has only recently shown it again: It was not those who had planned everything that got through best, but those who went to work with a high degree of autonomy and self-management. Well-practiced teams for whom trust and reliability are important. With the help of an advice process, they come to quick decisions. Tactical meetings provide transparency at all times. Through non-violent communication, an explainable position even on difficult and unpleasant issues is created. We will be happy to show you concrete examples in a personal conversation.

Management Retreat

Are you looking for a strategy refreshment? Whether you are facing major challenges, are looking for a new direction in your management team, or you feel new demands from customers, employees and other stakeholders, you should spend some time together. Our management retreat focuses on conversations. The agenda we will develop together: Art of Hosting? A stocktaking of decisions? Purpose listening and discovery? Developing vision and brand? Experimenting with new leadership roles? Creating a joint Future Press Release? Anything is possible - best outdoors in nature.

Flow Factor

Many people are currently asking themselves: How do I achieve impact and how will I be effective as a business in the future? In numerous stakeholder interviews, we have found that effectiveness in the new world can be determined less by predictions and control, but rather by the mode in which the organization operates as a whole. Bring your organization into flow and create space for change that is pleasantly challenging and always communicative. Where do you stand with your team right now? The Flow Factor provides information on this.

Emerging stronger from change

Lockdown, disruption, succession planning, trade war. In most cases, managers and executives at smaller companies are on their own in order to cope with profound changes. This means, the demands on you constantly increase. How do you find a feasible way to handle it? At Compulse, we think good communication is important right now - and have set up a 2:1 coaching program.