5 Main points why purpose reflection should be part of every meeting

A purpose reflection will make every meeting more impactful.

One problem in many teams is that people are overburdened by meetings: They often see meetings as the number one time eater: meetings take too long, involve too many people, deliver poor decisions and hardly any results.

I contend that reflecting on purpose will dramatically improve any session.

#1: Start with a clear intention

In order to have effective meetings, always start with the WHY.

I have been invited to many meetings that ended up being a waste of time. Simply clarifying the expected outcome and limiting it to people who are really needed for the outcome will change your collaboration!

#2: Focus on clarifying tensions

I recommend Tactical Meetings as your standard team format.

The purpose of these meetings is to clarify issues that have come up, and to remove obstacles so that work can move forward. One weekly session of this type is usually enough to give your entire team a working structure.

#3: Don’t try to make everyone happy

Reflect on purpose to say “No” without regret.

This way, you do not need to find a solution that is perfect for everyone, but one that makes the most sense at the moment. Referring to the team’s purpose helps integrate different ideas into a workable solution.

#4: Involve stakeholders

Lack of customer focus is an issue in almost every company.

Take time for reviews with your key stakeholders: look at what has been achieved and what has changed for them in the meantime. Based on these reflections, determine together what to do next.

#5: Do a purpose listening now and then

Pay attention to the stories that move your team.

You need to be fully present to understand an emerging purpose. Listen to metaphors that provide clarity. Feel resonance of what you do and adapt accordingly.

I hope that these five ways of putting purpose on the agenda will make your meetings more impactful!

All the best for your journey forward.

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