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Dr. Hartmut Hübner likes to invite people to dialogue and inspire them through communication. In his conversations and workshops, he holds the space for open exchange and sees himself as a host who lets innovation emerge.

In more than 25 years as head of communications at international companies such as Siemens and Deutsche Börse, he has not only built up powerful teams, but also developed close and long-term collaboration with CEOs, managing directors and executives. His areas of expertise are leadership communication and strategy development – externally as well as internally, on digital platforms as well as in personally with employees.

Time and again, he has found that in a complex environment, clarity comes through communication. Good communication therefore determines whether managers and companies master key challenges, such as:

  • Understanding where customers and other stakeholders really want to go and what decisions are needed
  • Which business models will still work in the future when growth and profit are no longer the main focus
  • How to create a framework as CEO and manager in which a culture develops that gives employees an inner motivation
  • How to shape collaboration in individual teams and entire companies, so that development targets are not only set, but also measured and achieved.

Hartmut Hübner holds a PhD in communication and leadership from the University of Salford, UK. For many years he has been working as a lecturer at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. He currently works in a network of partners with executives and teams from the banking, industrial, automotive, healthcare and energy sectors.


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