How to find your internal compass at work

We all have a right for meaningful work. And I assume most of us want to work on something that makes sense to them. So, here is the easiest way to find your individual purpose at work.

A dozen client projects during the last 18 months. Several university seminars since March 2022: In each of them the energy showed up in the discussion about the individual WHY — the meaning and fulfillment that we now seek more than ever before, individually and just for ourselves.

Unfortunately, many people at work do not follow their internal compass.

The primary reason for this is that most people think purpose is a privilege for only a few.

There are more reasons why people think that they cannot do what they REALLY want at work:

  • The fear to uncover that there is no fit between actual job and individual purpose
  • Lack of confidence in one’s own feeling
  • Convenience to continue in the old groove
  • Purpose is seen as one of these buzzwords only.

Let me tell you how you can look at your internal compass in privacy. It won’t take more than 20 minutes to start with.

Here’s how, step by step:

Step 1: Go on a walk in the fresh air, just for yourself.

It’s important to be outdoor for this exercise to stay connected with nature.

Find an inspiring environment and let your thoughts flow freely. You have a park or forest nearby? Go there. You know a bench with nice views? Take a seat. The sun is shining? Enjoy the warmth.

Step 2: Imagine a work situation in which you felt fulfilled and in flow.

Many go wrong with this, because they think it needs to be a rare or special situation. Instead: Let yourself be surprised, which pictures come up.

Reflect: What made you feel so happy and successful in this situation? What specifically did you do? Brainstorm verbs.

Step 3: Get clear about who is really important to you.

It’s now a motivating moment to brainstorm what impact you can make on the life of this person.

Your individual purpose falls into a sentence by combining the verb(s) of Step 2 (the things you love to do) with the impact you make (Step 3). The purpose formula is as simple as that. Now, follow your internal compass and decide what to focus on next!

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