Learning to create the future we want to live in

We all attend trainings to fix problems that we have around us.

Most often, it is managers or HR departments that determine the education needs for their employees. Coupled with programs and strategies, the entire team is trained, for example, as Scrum Masters or in topics such as compliance or cybersecurity. You need the certificate to continue to be part of the game.

This practice results in many frustrations:

  • Training as a duty, followed by fatigue
  • Fear to fail resulting in lack of development
  • The same habits reproduced again and again.

We tend to forget that learning happens between humans.

Learning in the sense of consuming knowledge is out. It’s much more about creating new ideas in an ongoing exchange.

We need to switch from looking at what we get towards understanding how learning transforms us in the long-term. Transformative learning doesn’t happen in front of a screen following a long Powerpoint presentation. It emerges in open dialog when communication between real people ignites the sparks. For this to happen, we need fear-free and autonomous spaces that may well happen online.

Do you need a corporate program for that? No!

Join an online facilitated co-learning community or even use Twitter as your free learning platform!

The key is in an open attitude with which you enter such platforms.

As a result, expect to change your way of having conversations and to become more curious overall. You will also change your mindset in a deeper way, leading to more compassion. And, you will learn to connect openly with an unknown future — based on growing courage even in turbulent times.

Get ready: The future is going to be different than the past.

So, it’s better to learn how to co-create our future together.

Learning imposed by others doesn’t work any more. Let the sparks fly to go your own way. This way we are able to craft a future we actually want to live in. Let’s all be part of it.

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