How to turn any business change into a motivating project that builds on the best that is already there

I would like to take you on a learning journey that begins with an appreciative inquiry built on positive experiences.

This communicative approach is recommended when you encounter complex issues in your everyday business. The focus is on appreciating the best in people — both in terms of the past and the present, and in identifying potential that can serve as inspiration for the future.

Unfortunately, too many people rely first on the means of criticizing in unclear situations.

We are trained to focus on pitfalls and problems when initiating change.

There are more reasons why humans think of change as something negative:

  • The feeling of entering unknown territory
  • An apparent need to create a sense of urgency
  • Pressure to possibly leave the comfort zone.

You will be surprised how easy it can be to overcome all these problems by simply switching to a positive attitude!

Here’s how, step by step:

Step 1: Strictly focus on the positive

Spotlight the strengths that set employees and the company apart and the excellence that teams have already achieved.

Critical aspects are dropped, which distinguishes appreciative inquiry from other group methods such as Open Space.

Step 2: Create a positive picture of the future

In the VUCA world negative news prevail — with drastic consequences: The stories we tell ourselves begin to come true.

Conversely, numerous studies show that cultures always flourish when they have a positive picture of themselves and their future. Use the best examples, the jewels of the organization’s past and present, to create a picture of the future.

Step 3: Define what needs to be done

Ask what specifically needs to be worked on to make the vision of the future a reality.

This positive approach leads to exceptional performance by strengthening relationships and culture, creating shared vision and direction, fostering learning and innovation, and inspiring collective action.

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