Solve business challenges communicatively

Business leaders and executives are well challenged in an economy that has become unpredictable. Leadership and corporate culture are on trial. Now more than ever, maximum presence and focus are essential - in good touch with employees and customers. How concretely? Read more in our new book!


I have worked as a manager in companies for over 20 years. This has shown: The critical moment for innovation and change usually comes when communication is pending: tensions and problems suddenly become visible. It is not uncommon for initiatives to fail at this point. Therefore, I am available as a communicative sparring partner to find meaningful answers to difficult questions and to make better decisions. I also conduct research on important change dynamics in business and society.



Discover in our Leadership Coachingwhat brings you and your team into balance and makes you effective. We ask stimulating questions - you get into a co-creative Conversation. The ideal start to a learning journey towards flexibility, courage, good conversations and better decisions!


Generational change, new business models, sustainability, shortage of skilled workers: We know the communicative challenges of SMEs and large companies. With listening, storytelling and networking, supported by ghostwriting, you gain inner motivation, strengthen your leadership and inspire your customers.


Critical reflection and Change of perspective are the key to making the corporate culture visible and seeing the big picture. This requires depth and the involvement of employees and customers. This works best with our My Purpose application and the associated Purpose Culture Cockpit.


In our Monthly Inspiration Newsletter you will receive regular inspiration and actionable tips to solve business problems using communication tools.


My Purpose Course

The My Purpose app accompanies you in discovering your meaning and purpose and bringing it to life. The course format helps you to get to know yourself better and to align your life in a meaningful and focused way. A free offer that we were able to develop with the support of Erasmus+.

Communication Café

Our next meeting on 05.05.2023 is entitled "Taking Responsibility" and will take place in cooperation with the SDG Alliance Liechtenstein. After a short impulse on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we will shed light on the topic of sustainability in organizations from different perspectives.

B Corp Certification

Do you have the goal to be not only the best SME in the world, but also for the world? Become part of the B Corp movement, to which more than 14,500 companies in Europe already belong. We support you from Liechtenstein on the way to certification - with certified B Leaders.

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