How to get into the flow despite disruption

Let me suggest about how we can design work to succeed in complexity as smoothly as possible.

We need to create more flow moments: In flow, work doesn't feel like effort, but natural and self-evident. Although an activity is usually a necessity, you still find it fulfilling. It can bring you deep satisfaction.

Unfortunately, most people don't create flow moments actively.

There are many reasons why people find it difficult to implement flow in their daily work:

  • Maybe it's just not top of their mind
  • Maybe they know it from sports, and don't see it in business
  • They may think that they cannot 'create' flow actively.

Here's how you can overcome these problems by simply paying attention to the way you already work now - step by step.

Step 1: Check your everyday tasks.

It's important to find out which activities already get you into the flow.

Make a list: Which tasks do neither under- nor overtax you? In which situations do you feel effortless? Moderate challenges trigger flow.

Step 2: Recognize the purpose and goal of your work.

People go wrong by simply looking for flow itself.

Flow often shows a different side: You know exactly what your task is about and how to do it in order to be impactful. It's also about resonance and immediate feedback: In flow, it's clear whether you've done your job right or wrong.

Step 3: Search for moments of control.

In flow, you are completely focused on your activity, yet you are in control of it, not the other way around - even when things get crazy.

All three steps build on each other to strengthen our perception. We look for moments in which everyday life and we ourselves fade into the background and our perception of time changes. Write a list, as long as possible - and try to create room for more of these types of activities in the future!

Are you ready?

We are glad you asked! Schedule an appointment with us directly to begin this important first step of the innovation process - the needs analysis. We look forward to working with you to overcome the challenges and drive digital innovation in your business.

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