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Managers and executives are well challenged in an economy that has become unpredictable. Management and corporate culture are being put to the test. Now more than ever, maximum presence and focus are essential - in good contact with employees, customers and other reference groups. How exactly? Read more in our book "Communication rethought"!

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About Hartmut Hübner

I have worked as a manager in companies for over 20 years. This has shown me that The critical moment for innovation and change usually comes when communication is on the agenda: tensions and problems suddenly become apparent. It is not uncommon for initiatives to fail at this point. I am therefore available as a communicative sparring partner to find meaningful answers to difficult questions and help people make better decisions. I also conduct research into important change dynamics in business and society.

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3+1 ways of support


AI check in communication

Optimize your communication processes through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). We support you in recognizing the potential of AI in your company and developing simple, highly effective solutions.


Stakeholder communication

Strengthen trust through transparent communication with all stakeholder groups. Together with you, we develop a dialog-oriented strategy for an exchange at eye level with your stakeholders.


Leadership communication

Expand your leadership role with customized communication strategies. We support you in identifying key topics and developing effective messages for employees, customers and other stakeholders.



In our bi-weekly "Leadership:Impulses" you will receive regular inspiration and practical tips on how to solve business problems with communicative means.


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