Monthly Inspiration #15: New horizons in digital innovation

Good day,

"We inspire SMEs and the public sector in Liechtenstein to make a positive digital transformation that connects people through trust, transparency and purposeful action." This is how we describe the purpose of the project, which launches today, June 1, 2023. - The European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) for Liechtenstein
EDIHs are non-profit organizations that support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the public sector in digitization. They are funded in equal parts by the Digital Europe program and national funding contributions. The purpose of EDIHs is to promote innovation and growth with digital technologies and to initiate a positive change in awareness.

Our founding team has developed an inspiring process that focuses on the potential of SMEs and the public sector to increase collaboration and co-create new ecosystem business models. We cordially invite all SMEs and public sector teams in Liechtenstein to actively participate in the digital and sustainable transformation. In many personal conversations, we would like to identify the topics that really move them and find out in which areas innovation enables not only quantitative but also qualitative growth. We will put these findings into action quickly and in small steps.

Annual EDIH Network Summit in Brussels

By the way, on our very first day of work, we are in Brussels today for the first Annual EDIH Network Summit, where all 150+ EDIHs from all over Europe meet. There we will exchange ideas and experiences with EDIHs from other countries in order to successfully shape the digital future of Europe.

Purpose Dialog on June 23 - Business with Respect
You are cordially invited to participate in a special event: The Purpose Dialog on June 23. Under the title "Business with Respect - for a Sustainable Future", the focus is on intergenerational dialog between Gen Z and business representatives. The event will be broadcast from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and will take place on a hybrid basis, so you can participate on-site in Munich as well as online in German or English. Look forward to exciting panel participants and a lively exchange. Register here and become part of this inspiring event!

As always, thank you for reading this far. I'd love for you to click "Reply" and tell me what digital and sustainable transformation means to you and your organization. Let's work together for a positive future!