Monthly Inspiration #16: "Business with respect - for a sustainable future".

Good day,

The Purpose Dialog on June 23 - organized by Meet Your Purpose in cooperation with the University of Munich (LMU) and Erasmus+ - was a great success: Under the title "Business with Respect - for a Sustainable Future", Gen Z students exchanged ideas with representatives of organizations from the fields of business and education on aspects of meaningful cooperation. In total, more than 200 participants attended the hybrid event.

I would like to briefly summarize what I took away from the moderation of the English-language panel:

#1: Gen Z perspective
Mental health and equal opportunity are important concerns for students. They are not afraid to address these issues and ask for help when needed.
They want to reduce the systematic prejudices against minorities and the social inequalities in the world.
They expect companies to take responsibility and adopt sustainable practices.
#2: Business and Education Perspective
Organizations see an opportunity in using sense-making as an accelerator for innovation and collaborating in ecosystems at eye level.
To meet the expectations of Gen Z, organizations need an authentic Purpose that informs business decisions on a day-to-day basis.
Meaning-making must stand up to internal and external scrutiny and should be reflected in the organizations' culture and values as well as in their products and services.
#3: Look ahead
In a co-creative conversation, the following approaches emerged on how meaningful cooperation in organizations can function across generations:

(Continuing) Education: Having all generations think and reflect on what they want to do with their lives, beyond the mastery of technical knowledge.
Leadership structures: create caring and supportive environments that foster collective action, learning, and support for individual dreams and goals.
Building Bridges: Bringing Education Closer to What Some Organizations Are Already Doing - Helping Young People Connect with Their Purpose and Find Ways to Connect with the World.
Communication spaces: bring rituals into being that are based on trust and rely on the positive aspects of humanity.
Corporate culture: Create transparent, decentralized structures that bring generations and hierarchies together at eye level.

️ Communication Café on August 25 in Schaan: Focus on "Values and Leadership" ️
Already on Friday, August 25, 09:00-11:00, there is the opportunity to continue the meaningful dialogue across generations. I cordially invite you to the next Communication Café in Liechtenstein.

We welcome Otto C. Frommelt as an impulse generator, who will take a personal look at the topic of "Values and Leadership". Afterwards, we will continue the conversation on the potential of ecosystems and suitable legal forms for sustainable business in Liechtenstein from the perspective of the new innovation hub Register right here via this link. We will be guests at the new RUUF in Schaan with the next Communication Café and, in addition to barista coffee, we will also be able to enjoy the great view of the Rhine Valley from the monastery.

Until then, I wish you a restful summer time to participate freshly inspired in the further dialogue!