Communication matters.

Our toolbox with practical instructions, current research findings and concrete approaches on how you can rethink communication and integrate it effectively into your day-to-day business.

Tool #3: Meditation

What is it for? Meditation is an effective way of calming your mind and body and clearing your head. In this state, you can find out in what relationship


Tool #2: Individual purpose

For what? By discovering our own "purpose", the idea of our own purpose, we find out what drives us. Purpose pioneer Simon Sinek (2011) put it this way

Tool #1: Wertschätzende Erkundung

Tool #1: Appreciative inquiry

What is it for? Appreciative inquiry is usually used as a large group method to promote a positive and optimistic attitude in individuals and teams.


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Hello, I am Hartmut Hübner

I have been working as a team leader in companies for over 20 years. This has shown: The critical moment for innovation and change usually comes when communication fails and tensions become visible. It is not uncommon for initiatives to fail at this point. Therefore, I am available as a communicative sparring partner to find meaningful answers to difficult questions and to make better decisions. I also conduct research on important change dynamics in business and society.