Leadership:Impulse #1: From lack of time to inspiration

Welcome to my new newsletter, in which I would like to share brief insights and impulses from my work in the nationwide innovation process of digihub.li in Liechtenstein on a weekly basis. My aim is to provide you, as managers, with added value for everyday management in companies and the public sector and to give you practical tools for dealing with current challenges in a communicative way.

To digihub.li

With digihub.li, Liechtenstein and the EU are giving us the opportunity to implement a remarkable project over the next three years: We have the task of working together with companies, public institutions, politicians and the population to advance the human side of digitalization. Our goal? To implement a versatile and future-oriented ecosystem that serves as a model for Europe.

As a first step, we conduct a large number of interviews with managers to find out more about their current needs.

Challenge: Lack of time

I have noticed how often there is a feeling of overload and a lack of time for new initiatives. This shows how important it is to use our limited resources effectively.

My tip: The Eisenhower matrix. This simple but effective tool helps you to sort tasks according to their importance and urgency in order to create space for innovative projects.

Challenge: Strengthening human skills

Another insight is that in our increasingly digitalized world, human skills such as critical thinking and the ability to engage in dialogue are becoming ever more important.

My tip: Familiarize yourself with the skills that will be required in the future. Tools like the Future Skills Navigator support you in further developing the human skills required for the digital future. We already have specific training courses in preparation - more on this in one of the next newsletters.

What experiences have you had with time management and building human skills in digitalization? Share your thoughts and approaches with me.

Best wishes and have a good start to the week!


P.S. You are cordially invited to the next Communication Caféour dialog room for managers, which will take place next Friday in Vaduz. Here for more information and a direct link to registration.